For web startups in today’s world, technology has certainly helped curb the burden of yesteryear. Even when speaking in terms of Dotcom businesses specifically, the last decade has ushered in a wave of advancement unlike any witnessed before. Creating a website today and managing your business is made easier with a wide assortment of tools, like iPad applications.

Managing a website requires knowledge, the correct platform, and the right tools. With an app to assist in the management, the platform and the tools are taken care of, and the amount of knowledge needed is reduced. In other words, if you use the right applications and tools for a web business, starting and maintaining a business website is something that anyone can do, no longer a skill confined to those with degrees in computer science and years of experience.

Here are the top five iPad applications to help you manage your business website:

  1.  Adobe Ideas

Any successful website business owner knows that imagery sells in today’s environment, and thus the implementation of Photoshop and Dreamweaver become essential aspects of creating compelling websites. With the application Adobe Ideas, you can now explore your many ideas no matter where you are. In essence, Adobe Ideas is a sketchpad that allows you to design on the fly and easily implement your vision. Easier to use than other Adobe releases, site owners can consistently and effortlessly add original flair by transforming their ideas into realities.

  1.  Things

Much of handling a website, like handling any business venture, is scheduling and taking on numerous tasks. With Things, an organisation iPad application, users can harness the power of this intuitive task manager in order to handle projects, to-do lists, schedules, and much more. This isn’t an application that links to your website and allows you to make changes. It’s more of a personal management tool, allowing you to keep track of what you’re doing with your website.

  1.  Gusto

Now, unlike Things, Gusto is an application that ties directly to your website. You can access your FTP server from anywhere and edit, preview, upload or delete files and folders from your server. So if you’re running out to the grocery store and want to add something to the site, you can access your server from the checkout line and make any necessary changes. Its sleek, compact design really manages to streamline the workload, so it’s not simply another entrance to your FTP client.

  1.  Twitterrific

One of things you will learn as your web business progresses is that it’s important to have a social media presence. There’s currently no social media platform as popular as Twitter, and being able to tie your site in with your Twitter feed is very important. This is why Twitterrific, an iPad app, is one of the best you can get for managing your website. Not only is this app an attractive upgrade from the basic Twitter page, but it also allows you to take networking with Twitter to a whole new level.

  1.  Markup

Similar in some ways to Gusto, Markup is an iPad app that allows you to edit text files and other types of files on your website. Dealing with CSS, PHP and HTML, Markup puts you in the editor’s chair no matter where you’re at. You can easily edit, download, delete and preview changes, and the easy interface means that even someone with not a lot of experience in these languages can edit properly.

As you can see, these five applications all serve a different purpose. From editing text and uploading files to your client, to creating a social media presence and managing your schedule, these five apps will help business startups from the initial planning process to long-term site maintenance.