The great thing about being a business owner is that, at the end of the day, all you really need is an idea. Okay, having a little bit of money to invest never hurt anyone. But when you think about it, there are always other qualified individuals out there who can work for you and who can turn your idea into a profitable business.

Take an online entrepreneur for a quick example. This person wants to create a website and drive traffic and ultimately sell products while building up a brand name. On its face, it seems like a huge task. But once you knock certain things off, the owner of the business, its conceiver, can always hire out a site designer, a writer, a marketer, a support team, a payment processor, and everything else needed to ensure the business does well.

If you are just looking to be the owner of the business and to hire a staff out, you may be wondering where you can look for qualified individuals. The beauty of the internet is that you’re connected to the entire world. This way, you can find exactly the type of skill you want for the price you’re comfortable paying. Have a look at five of the best outsourcing sites on the web today.

1. eLance

Although it’s not the most popular, eLance earns the top spot on this list because it is the most open and the most professional. This site has a huge community with forums where job providers can openly speak with job seekers. You not only get to judge people by the content and quality of their work, but you can find out about the content and quality of their character.

2. Freelancer

From website designers to content writers, Freelancer offers a wide range of professionals to choose from. This site has a reputable escrow system, and you can get a refund of your small listing deposit if you’re not able to find anyone worthy of hiring. Post a job on this site and the bids instantly begin.

3. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance site started in the UK and focused on providing the UK market with affordable outsource and freelance staff. Their success is shown by the fact that they always have jobs posted and their estimated project value is currently around £50m.

4. oDesk

oDesk has some interesting features which makes it slightly different. People only pay for verified time spent working on projects and the Team Room feature will allow you to see each team members activity, so that you can judge for yourself as a project owner, whether your freelancers are doing the work properly.

5. Guru

Guru has been around for over a decade and opens the door to a wide range of possibilities. The beauty of Guru is that you can actually meet people locally if you want to work directly with them. Or, if you prefer a global market, you can choose anyone from any country to help you as long as you feel they’re qualified.

There are more than five outsourcing sites out there, so in no way feel like you’re boxed in with these options. However, the five listed above are amongst the best around. You should have no trouble finding whatever you need by choosing one of these options.