With Microsoft ending their support for Office 2003 along with XP, we are likely to see a significant number of businesses upgrading and migrating their work into the Cloud. The obvious choice for many upgrading is Office 365.

However, Google have attempted to dominate the cloud debate thus far, yet their software has struggled to keep up with the functionality and familiarity of Office 365. I believe there are five key reasons as to why choosing Office 365 over Google Apps is a no-brainer:

  1.  Users Don’t Want To Always Work In The Cloud

For example, customers and service providers may prefer to receive attachments instead of being shared on files. At the moment if somebody using Google’s email service wishes to send an attachment they need to download it first. Office 365 on the other hand allows users to continue to use their familiar Outlook programme, as well as work on and offline.

  1.  The Latest Windows Devices Are Impressive

With new laptops and touchpads, the latest Microsoft PCs integrate Office 365 smoothly into their slick new user interfaces, which also collaborate easily with the latest range of Windows Phones. Google Apps can integrate and run easily with Android as well as iOS devices, however Microsoft still retains that familiarity.

  1.  Familiarity Of Windows Will Win Users Over

There is no need to learn a new operating system, and users will already be fully accustomed to the operating systems. Businesses will not simply want to drop software they are already familiar with in favour of full cloud integration with Google.

  1.  Office 365 Is An Upgrade To Office 2010

This means users of Office 365 will recognise things they liked about Office 2010, whilst benefiting from cloud storage and access. Businesses can gradually move into the cloud whilst retaining previous office systems. Moving into the cloud with Google on the other hand requires you to learn new software and programmes, and a very different way of working through Drive. Learning new software wastes important time and business productivity. If given an option businesses would much rather take the simpler route into cloud integration ensuring maximum productivity is maintained.

  1.  Microsoft Is A Household Name For Businesses

Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook are all synonymous not only with the programmes but now with actions. Whatever software someone uses to make a digital presentation for example, they still refer to it as a PowerPoint presentation. Why would you suddenly want to change? Google does provide similar simple tools, however they are not quite the same and do not offer the same levels of detail and functionality.

I appreciate some companies are setting up Google Apps in co-existence with Office 365, and this will most likely continue. However Office 365 is still very much the business tool.

Microsoft have always dominated the business computing world, and their users are not just going to drop it all and run out and buy Chromebooks. It is critical for businesses to explore and move into the cloud, however they also need to be able to slip out of it when they wish.

The majority do still use Microsoft products, meaning any potential cloud transition towards Office 365 sounds more appealing as it is so simple. For those still using Office 2003 products, moving into the cloud via Office 365 will simply be a very big upgrade, whereas moving into the cloud through Google will be a totally new area to explore.

Like its Office predecessors, Office 365 will continue to be the first choice for business and I believe it is set to cause some issues for Google, resulting in their growth dwindling.