Once you’ve made the decision about which UC provider to partner with you now face another task. End user engagement; essentially you now need to sell the idea of unified communications to your end users. So, with that in mind here are some top tips to help you roll out.

  1.  Reach Out and Embrace

Enlist a handful of super users to champion your UC roll out across the organisation. Reach out to them, teach them and allow them to wholeheartedly embrace the new services. But, don’t roll it out to all users in one go. People always want what they cannot have; from there they will create internal demand.

  1.  Pick Out the Key Features

Do an internal communications campaign that shows users the key features, don’t hold back. Seeing is believing, show people in drop-in sessions, get everybody pumped up about how they can use the new technology in their day-to-day business life.

  1.  Tell Your Secrets

Tell users why your business is moving toward unified communications and what the advantages will be. Demo the tools to a select few, show them how unified communications can unchain them from their desks and give them more time back during the day. Give them enough information to understand what it is, but let them decide and define the innovative ways in which it might be used.

  1.  Leave Them Wanting More

Don’t deploy all the great new functions on a single day. Tease them, roll them out each day over a week, create a buzz about the new features. People will get hooked on single features, once they get to grips with the basics they’ll be ready for the advanced.

  1.  Education, Education, Education

Find innovative ways to train users in multiple formats so you can reach everyone from the techie who loves to read manuals to the salesperson who prefers a YouTube how-to video.