It wasn’t long ago that Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation were the new trends to watch out for. Now we can’t imagine creating marketing plans without them. Digital marketing trends are evolving and changing to meet the new technology we use on a daily basis. With 2018 quickly approaching, here are some of the digital marketing trends to be mindful of in the upcoming year.

Chatbots As A Conversions Driving Tool

Expert marketers like Kim Garst are already raving about the next wave of AI driven marketing tools, aka Chatbots. These drive more responses than email marketing and are less invasive than an opt-in form. They have all the advantages of having a live spokesperson without the need to keep someone staffed at all times. There a many services which integrate with Facebook, a social tool that so many are already using. There are also a good number of services that exist completely independent and can be placed on your website. The technology is already adaptive depending on which market you’re in, but it is evolving to meet future needs as well.

Video Marketing To Reach Your Target Customers

YouTube has been evolving as a platform for more than a decade since its inception in 2005. Since then, it’s gone from being the epicenter for funny cat videos to a prime vehicle for driving sales. Successful marketing campaigns aren’t just launched through the Adwords platform either. Creating informative video content in a vlog format to educate potential customers has also proven to be successful. There’s also the possibility of having happy customers record videos mentioning your business. Video testimonials go a long way to attracting new customers.

Meeting Demand With Mobile In-Store Marketing Campaigns

So many business owners try so hard to get their customers in the door that they forget that the best place to market to them is while they’re inside the store. In-store marketing campaigns that meet the demands of your customer base will reveal just what your audience is looking for and how much of it they’re willing to spend on it. By using geo-location services, you can show your customers a deal on products you’re trying to push directly to their phones. This goes beyond stacking products at the front or at a well trafficked section of a store. By tracking and adjusting based on the success of these campaigns, you can adjust what products you promote and stock accordingly. The technology is already well accepted, as 74% of millennials consented to the practice being useful to them.

Keeping Up To Date

Growing digital marketing trends have businesses adapting their goals and how they intend to reach them. Even in industries that aren’t typically known for digital marketing, small businesses are thinking how they can take advantage of new marketing ideas. Keeping up to date with current and upcoming developments in digital marketing will help ensure your business’ success, as well as allow you to gain new customers.