In recent years, mobile devices have undoubtedly become the most popular form of gadgetry for the average person to carry. Almost everyone carries a smartphone, a tablet, and sometimes even both. However, with the convenience that the mobile industry gives its consumers also come risks. These risks come in so many forms, be it the risk of malware infection or the risk of data breaches. 

While these sound terrible to the average consumer, companies are much more susceptible to these attacks for the sole reason that companies have more resources and more confidential information versus the average smartphone user. In fact, a lot of companies spend thousands of dollars to get reliable business IT support — a good example comes in the form of business IT support in London from Prosyn, wherein an agency offers a plethora of services ranging from network maintenance, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and so much more. And while it’s easy to simply rely on your IT support to do all the defending and maintaining, a bit of information is going to help you out a long way. So, what are the threats that you need to watch out for?

1. Data Leakages

Every company holds vital information. But hackers don’t necessarily have to target the company itself to get information. The problem is that a lot of people, despite having a company phone and a personal phone, make use of apps that are common on both, like Gmail, for example. A breach can happen easily, especially when a user unwittingly makes poor decisions on what permissions to give to certain apps. A hacked email account can lead to a lot of problems.

2. WiFi Interference

WiFi signals function much like a basic conversation does. There’s a sender, a receiver, and a medium. Without a VPN, it’s quite easy for hackers to interfere with a WiFi signal (your medium, if you will) and implant who-knows-what into it. Or a user could be browsing an unsafe, malware-ridden website that could potentially infect your system.

3. Stolen Or Unguarded Devices

That’s correct. A device that has no form of security lock is an easy means of ingress into a company’s system and information. Physical devices, such as tablets and mobile phones can be stolen, and the danger arises when the thief is able to snoop around inside the device. This can easily lead to a dangerous data breach, especially with devices that contain mission-critical information.

4. Ransomware

Until recently, ransomware was just an unpleasant thought hiding in the back of everyone’s minds. Today, it’s a legitimate threat, an epidemic, even. Getting your data and your system held hostage for money is an incredibly damaging scenario for anyone.

Small to medium-sized businesses have been known to be more susceptible to ransomware attacks, but the truth is that banks, police departments, and hotels have also fallen victim to ransomware. The worst part is that there are so many ways to plant ransomware into a system. Each of your mobile devices can potentially be a means of insertion into your company’s files.