When someone starts to dream about working for themselves and making money online, they instantly become susceptible to the wide array of tricks and schemes out there promising money. Whether it’s the old survey-filler-for-millions trick, the get-rich-data-entry scam, or the instant-affiliate-success scheme, you should avoid anything making big promises like the bubonic plague.

You may be asking, “Do any of these programs work?” Well, that’s a yes and no answer. You see, being an affiliate, for example, works and works rather well. But there is a lot of time and effort that goes into becoming an affiliate.

To become the right type of affiliate marketer, you have to first pick the right types of products. You have to identify and cater to your niche just like anyone else. You have to create a website and drive traffic to it. You have to generate leads and ultimately convert sales. In other words, being an affiliate is to legitimately own an online business, only using someone else’s product.

What doesn’t work? Those programs that claim you can make hundreds of dollars a day all by using so-and-sos super service! These are scams that appeal to you because of the fake paychecks (made with Photoshop) and the fake testimonials (purchased and regurgitated by the same people) making you believe that there’s real money in it. You can always spot them, because they want your money above all else.

It’s ALWAYS a scam!

Yes, believe it or not, any online program that promises you money is, by definition, a scam. Why would they all be scams? Well, let’s employ some critical thinking here if we could. If there was really that much money to be made in a business, and considering that competition in the same business cuts into the profit margin, those people who know the formula obviously would not give the formula to you, even if you offered them a million dollars. They could make much more if they were the gurus they claimed. Yes, unfortunately, it’s always a scam. Wanting it to be true doesn’t make it true. Scientific minds excel in business, not those driven by faith.

Too much hard work

Because something is a scam doesn’t mean that you will only lose money. A get-rich-quick affiliate scheme may actually convert a sale or two. It is not impossible to assert that following any affiliate formula would have at least some measure of success, however small. But that’s because being an affiliate is a real online business venture. To do it the scam’s way, you would have to work in reverse until you learned how to do it correctly, so by the time you received any profit, you would have worked ten times as hard at it as if you just did it the normal way. Plus you’d be in the hole a great deal.

A spending chain reaction ensues

When you spend money on the scheme, you ultimately end up spending more on it. That’s for two reasons. One, the scheme usually strings you along. You suddenly receive that one last “secret” that you didn’t receive with the first bill, and now you can get it for the low, low price of $49.99. Two, people panic when they’re scammed and some instantly buy into another program to recoup the losses.

The trick here is to avoid any type of program with any variation of “get rich quick.” You need to know that they’re all scams designed to attack your wallet. Stay far away from them.