Long before social media took the world by storm, blogging was all the rage. Setting up a blog and sharing your thoughts with the world was such a trend that it only took a few months before advertising played a huge role in the way people handled their blogging. It became a legitimate business opportunity, and still is.

Does your business really need a blog to succeed? Well, your success isn’t contingent upon having a blog, but there are many benefits you can experience by taking the time to create one.

Blogging momentum still going strong

Despite the obvious trend change to social media, blogging is far from a dead medium. Experiencing a little less traffic? Sure. In danger of going away or being rendered obsolete? Not even close. In fact, business blogs are actually gaining a head of steam again thanks to social media. Because of the interlinking capabilities, where your entire network can be joined together, a blog can receive even more traffic thanks to Digg, Facebook, Twitter and those other social giants.

It’s good to be personal

Although you’re not going to share your real name and real-life intimate details with your customers, it’s still a good idea to let them see the proverbial wizard behind the curtain. Letting your hair down and allowing a more personal side of you to show through the business model is actually a great thing for the brand. Blogs enable personal communication and can help you to display a much softer side that’s not all about money.

Blogs are free and easy

Unlike purchasing a web hosting package with tight security and a range of other features, a blog can be set up for free. And unlike a business website that you have to put some real design into, including extra capital if you have a professional handle it, a blog template doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. You can find a great template to use that’s as easy to install as cut-and-paste, and setting up the layout and ads and different plugins on your blog is self-explanatory.

Big benefits to your SEO efforts

While Google and other search engines are cracking down on “junk” blogs (those pointless link farms that lay around bereft of real traffic), having a real blog with quality links, quality content and plenty of visitors will actually benefit you in numerous ways in terms of rankings. Sharing links with others in your niche and linking back to your different sites will help to bolster your rank in multiple areas.

Shine as an expert

Creating a blog and updating it consistently with useful, accurate posts will allow you to come across as an authority on the particular subject. There are few things that do as much for sales as coming across as an expert in any niche. You can position yourself as the go-to person for the niche you’re in.