In any normal office and workplace, there’s usually quite a lot of computers and equipment that are used daily. From desktop computers, laptops, video conferencing software, digital whiteboards and much more, they’re prone to becoming dirty as everybody interacts with them.

The cleaning of the equipment is usually left to the weekly cleaning staff, but a lot of these night staff don’t touch the computers or equipment to avoid any accidental breakage. It’s up to you, your employees or colleagues to stay on top of it by cleaning your computer every day or so.

Here are a few tips to help keep your computers as clean as they can be during your work week.


The keyboard will be most likely the dirtiest of the devices and accessories you intend to clean. As it’s what you use the most when interacting with your computer it’ll naturally collect dirt, dust, skin flakes and food. They can be quite difficult to clean since it can all get stuck in between the keys and simply wiping it down can damage the keyboard itself. To clean it properly, cover your desk with something that can collect everything that will fall out and shake it. It will remove a large amount of dirt that has built up over time. This won’t get rid of everything, unfortunately, so a good option is to use a pressurised can of air that is specifically made to remove dirt trapped under keys. The most thorough way and the longest is to remove every key and manually clean them. Although this isn’t the greatest use of time, especially when you could have thirty or over keyboards to clean every week.


Similar to your keyboard, you use your mouse just as much and can collect dirt in the small creases and holes of many mice. Since it’s easy to transmit bacteria via the hands then the mouse is usually rife with harmful bacteria. The best method is spraying compressed air around the sensor and inside the creases to ensure that the mouse isn’t harmed sometimes resulting in it being slow or unresponsive. Using a damp cloth on the outside to try to catch most of the dirt.


Your computer screen is most likely the first device you’ll notice becoming dirty since you look at it most of the day. This can be problematic is a lot of people will just get any old cloth and water and try to wipe it daily to make it clean. This will often make it dirtier and smudges start to appear, making the quality of what you’re looking at much worse. Ensure to use a soft microfibre cloth first without any liquid to get the dust off the screen, then if that doesn’t work try dampening the cloth in distilled water or specialised glass/screen spray. This should give your screen that clear quality you’re looking for, making everyone able to do their work efficiently.


The most important part of any computer as it holds all the vital components that enable the computer to run. Over time and constant use though they will gather a large amount of dust due to the several fans in most computers. If left untouched this dust will allow your computer to heat up, in the worst case scenario blowing out your power supply, rendering a lot of the parts useless. It’s good to give your tower a clean every month or so to rid it of dust. Like the rest, compressed air is perfect for this scenario as it gets into the small spaces you won’t be able to reach. Ensure you do this outside preferably as a lot of dust will be blown out, ensuring that you do ground yourself when touching the inner workings of your computer to avoid the small chance of static shock damaging important computer parts.