With mobile app development one of the fastest developing industries in the world, every developer can benefit from increased productivity. From teenagers spending time coding in their own bedrooms to international corporations developing world-famous apps, the market for tools which increase productivity and efficiency has never been stronger.

Testing Speed

Testing an app on the default Android Emulator can be slow and tedious. This problem can be solved by using other apps; look for alternative Android emulators or simulators such as Genymotion which can help solve issues and increase the speed of the testing.

Cross Platform Development

During app development, multi-platform compatibility and software integration is crucial. It is recommended that you opt for native apps as they provide users with a smoother experience than HTML5 apps — essentially a mobile version of a website. Using companies that offer native controls across platforms can be difficult to find but is certainly worth the effort.

UX Checks

Whether you think your app will be the best in the market or not, you need to ensure you check for usability. Many apps are released without proper testing, only for usability errors to be spotted afterwards. Thankfully, there are a few solutions to prevent these unsatisfactory problems. This includes a standardised app called Instabug for iOS and Android devices, which can be used to provide feedback and bug reporting for mobile apps. If you want to improve your users’ experience, the UI tools from shinobicontrols should also be looked at, as they allow for the rapid development of even the most powerful of apps.

Productivity & Project Management

It’s time to retire your sticky notes, note pads and half-finished word pads. When working as a team it can be tricky to follow and track versions of your app and follow-up development. Employing an online service for tasks and to do lists can help here. Those available from Basecamp and Trello, for example, allow you to create complex tasks lists which can be shared with multiple people. Using an in-depth task list will also allow you to progressively manage your development progress when working alone.

Complex Apps

If you are working on application that requires charts, you should look for a tool that utilises GPU-accelerated rendering and provides full multi-touch support. This will boost your productivity by speeding up your development process.