Whether we want to admit it or not, technology is the main currency of the business world, especially online. We use it to protect and secure our date and documentation, our finances and our personal identities. Never in the history of time has technology been such a selected host for all of our personal and business needs. We came from a generation of computers and we still are one, we just started to use smaller computers. No, I am not talking about laptops, I am talking about cell phones. 

Whether you are using an iPhone, Blackberry or even Android, cell phones are the vehicle to the online world and to every destination in our life. It does not matter what it is that we need to do, or where we need to get to in order to fulfil our requests, our cell phone will take us there. We can pay bills, download music, transfer money, fire a client, ask your girlfriend to marry you or even locate your child.

Finding a cell phone carrier is like picking out a candy bar in a sweet shop, there is no shortage of them, there is always a deal and you pretty much have all of the big names memorised by heart. T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T to name a few, are some of the top cell phone carriers in the world and I had no problem remembering their names. A cell phone is a mobile miniature computer. Not having them in the workplace would be an impossible task to ask of our employees and a hindrance to productivity in today’s’ culture.

So, with that said, we have accepted that cell phones are a part of our day to day life in majority of the work fields. So, what are the top cell phones to use in the workplace? What cell phones are possible for helping us to be more productive and better employees?

The most popular cell phone probably in the history of phones is the iPhone. It’s unprecedented easy-to-use platform and A-list features have made it the leading cell phone is the industry. Now, personally I’m an android guy, there is no shortage of Android phones and their free accessibility to anything platform has made it very enticing to its clientele. Android also has different cell phones to choose from. Whether it be an android mini notebook phone(for its big screen) or just an Android Galaxy 28, what is so attractive to its clients is that Android is just one phone that comes out with a new version every year.

Android is a family of phones that have a different phone for every type of person to fit there need and to fit their budget. It doesn’t matter what provider that you have, you can always find an android phone of your liking at your local cell phone store. The same goes for the apple home. Although it wasn’t always like that, the emerging of the Android wave birthed the realisation that it is a force to be reckoned with. Also, if money is tight you can always sell old phone’s to get a little extra cash towards a new purchase.  

Top work phones of 2018

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. OnePlus 6
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  4. Apple iPhone 8
  5. BlackBerry Priv
  6. BlackBerry DTEK50
  7. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  8. Microsoft Lumia 950

With all of the knowledge of where we are and where we came from with technology, to who is the best or the cheapest, or the easiest or most popular, it’s always up to us to make the best decision for our situation. It’s up to us to let the industry know how their products are best suiting us.