I’ve discussed the potential marketing benefits of Twitter and social media before but have just come across a new tool that could be a marketeer’s dream.

You’ve probably checked out the Twitter search feature to see what’s popular and what’s not but it’s all pretty basic and raw. Now online tool The Archivist takes the basic Twitter search and adds some graphics so you can spot those trends easier.

Sign in using your Twitter account and you can save search results for easy access in the future, so you can make it a daily check-back to keep on top of the latest trends. Each search offers graphical representations like how that keyword has trended over time, who’s tweeting it most and what URL is being shared the most in those tweets. Make it a daily visit and you can also download the data from each search as a zip file or view it in Excel.

Free to use, if you’re not studying Twitter trends already it might offer a first step towards understanding this sector.

Do you use the Archivist? Do you think Twitter trends can be useful in marketing planning?