There may not be many tubes on the move in London tomorrow, but as TFL workers down tools and London businesses buckle down to ride out the strike disruption, its leaking data that organisations need to keep their eye on.

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) warned that the disruption would cost the capital’s businesses £48 million in lost productivity per day.

Tube strikes are expensive affairs, with the last one reportedly costing the economy an estimated £50 million. So it’s hardly surprising that employees are tempted to side step company rules in order to remain productive during the travel chaos. It might be loading up a USB stick with information, employees will be keen to have the documents they need.

As a surge of potentially confidential data seeps beyond the office walls, businesses face a challenge to ensure their data remains protected should it end up in the wrong hands. However innocently this may happen.

The threat to the business is two fold – opening a door for malware to get in and for confidential data to trickle out. Businesses must ensure that all data access points are correctly shielded from potential external threats. The only way to prevent data loss from removable devices is to take control of inbound and outbound data from all endpoints, and encrypt all data during transmission. With this approach, businesses can rest more easily.