Let’s be totally honest here. Tungle demonstrates just how great cloud computing can be and it has given the whole online scheduling and calendaring sector a good shake. No, I’m in a generous mood, Tungle has revolutionised online scheduling and calendaring. If there is one that that, to put it crudely, pisses me off big time is the fact that I have a day job and not in a situation where I can use Tungle on a daily basis.

There has been a hell of a lot of background innovation going on since I first found Tungle, but now the company has started to refine the look of the service with a substantial interface revamp.Tungle announced this is an email that stated: “We’ve overhauled the look and feel of our product. We did this for three reasons: (1) you’ve been giving us many suggestions towards improving our user experience – we’ve taken good notes and made changes accordingly; (2) We have important enhancements coming before the end of the year – inline with our vision of the Calendar of the Future. We needed to setup our user interface to allow for more intuitive navigation once these capabilities will be launched. (3) We were getting bored with the old look & feel (just kidding – well, maybe not).”

The change to the interface is part of the manifestation of the Tungle Manifesto launched recently. CEO Marc Gingrass introduces the manifesto as:

Today’s Calendar Is Broken

“Today’s calendar is broken. It’s a static repository of events. It’s a snapshot, a moment in time. Contrast that against our dynamic and ever changing lives and we have a significant disconnect. The model doesn’t work – it isn’t representative. It doesn’t leverage our digital footprints and create incremental value. The application is outdated and with that we have an opportunity to innovate.

“If we compare the leaders in the digital calendar space, we see very similar feature function developed to date. If we remove brand and unique UI elements, we are left with complete product parity.

“We believe the time to think about the calendar of the future is now. We have assembled the opinions of some of the industry’s brightest minds to weigh in on what the calendar of the future might look like and the benefits it might provide to our personal and professional lives.”

Read the full manifesto here.