The ability to put a stream of tweets on your front page is a perfect way to give your website instant dynamism, but can bring as many problems as it solves.

Until now, only human intervention seemed to offer you the chance to screen profanities or even the slating of your own products and services from appearing on your own stream, which understandably puts many businesses off installing their streams on their own sites – however much self-belief they have.

The company Mass Relevance has been around for a while now but appears to be pushing its product Tweet River as an affordable option that can automatically screen a stream for ‘noise’ as it calls it and create a stream that is matched perfectly for your needs and wants.

Tweet River still uses real-time user generated content but as it events the enters the main stream applies a series of customised rules to pluck only relevant content for the stream displayed, and also can be set to omit content (by defining a series of keywords) that you wouldn’t want people to see.

At the same time, it curates content, giving you an historical archive to always refer to back to, which has led to a big take-up within the events industry.

Mass Relevance have an impressive track record too having been the architects behind Live Tweets displayed at the Oscars and Super Bowl this year as well as White House run Twitter debates.

The biggest question is whether gatekeeping the information being created on the social media networks goes against the very ethos of social networking, yet as a business tool it, and the many clones sure to soon follow, could help integrate social media into more business websites.

Do you already integrate your Twitter feed into your website?