Twitter power users (including yours truly) have been relying on the TweetDeck desktop app to create column-based Tweet browsing since 2008. Since then, plug-ins, a Chrome Web app and mobile apps have ensured TweetDeck’s compatibility on just about any platform.

Chrome TweetDeck marked the start of a new era for TweetDeck, allowing users to run a special browser-based version of the app directly in Google’s browser.

TweetDeck’s developments efforts are now focussed on building next-generation products as HTML5 and mobile apps. TweetDeck has been working not only on improving the existing ChromeDeck experience, but also on bringing the same TweetDeck app to other Web platforms.

As a result, there’s a limited beta of TweetDeck Web. This new service is built on the same core as Chrome TweetDeck, with the same UI and broadly the same product features (the main difference being that TweetDeck Web does not use Twitter streaming). TweetDeck Web, however, is a standalone Web site and requires no downloads, no App Stores and is not limited to any one brand of Web browser.

TweetDeck’s new Web app will support Chrome, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4 and Safari , with support for Opera and Internet Explorer coming next in the pipeline.