Are you remembering to connect, in your social media marketing?

For me, using social media is a communications tool. It stems from the opportunity to connect, to engage and to give me a new way to not only market my business, but to do this by showing my authenticity, my knowledge, and by helping people who need exactly what I have to offer.

The beauty of social media is that it is….social. To help remember this, I’ve created the 5 Rules of Engagement with Twitter especially in mind. (Well, they’re Guidelines, there are no rules as such but it sounds more like a campaign that way!)

What are the 5 Rules of Engagment?

When we spend time on social media, it is worthwhile before you engage and choose a platform to be clear about what your purpose is, how it joins up with your other online and offline marketing. When we know what time we have, and what we are there for, it helps us add more value as we work more clearly and can offer help in a more targeted way. So once you know all this, how can you structure your time, whilst still having fun in a social way?

  1.  Read

When you get onto Twitter, spend some time catching up with what’s new. Check out who has been @replying to you, sending you a DM, and what people are talking about in your timeline. Check out the tweets, and have a look at some of the content that interests you. In short – listen and check out what interests you.

  1.  Respond

Now you’ve spent some time reading, and learning, it’s time to start engaging by responding to those who have contacted you or recommended you. Add something back of value whilst you are there

  1.  Re-Tweet

As you’re reading, think about what will add value to your followers, that you have seen in your information stream. Reach out, pick it out of the stream and share it. If you’re using Tweetdeck, you can even add a comment as you send it on your way!

  1.  Reach out

More engagement! Who has something to say you are interested in, or which has added value to your day? Who can you recommend on #followfriday? Who do you want to strike up a conversation with, or start following? Do you want to go check out their website or blog and leave a comment there?

  1.  Remarkable Content

This is where knowing your tribe and listening to what they are already talking about, as well as being really clear about who you are, how you work and what you can do to help, adds value. Share useful tips, answers questions, and make a difference!