In this world of faceless capitalist exploitation and unbridled individualism; where huge corporations take delight in rinsing the poor subjugated man on the street for every dime of his hard-earned cash and CEOs would sooner kill a hundred kittens than see their share price drop, it’s actually quite nice when companies act like they give two hoots about us and our miserable proletarian existence.

You see, Cision, people love it when companies act like they care (even if they’re only pretending). We love it when they empathise with our miserable, monotonous plight. It makes our little wretched hearts leap with joy.

So when, for example, one of us is using a certain award-winning communications workflow software and, in the heat of the moment, foolishly decides to tweet our exasperation at its failings, it’s pretty cool to know that someone somewhere is picking that up. If that media resource was to then give us a friendly tweet in reply asking what they can do to help, it’d make us feel loved.

What people don’t like, Cision, is being stalked. If, having sent said tweet, that infuriated individual was then to receive a Twitter response, a LinkedIn page visit, an email and a phone call all within the space of 5 minutes they might feel a little over-loved. In fact, some might even call it harassment.

So whilst you get at least 10/10 for effort when it comes to customer service, Cision, I think you might need to work a bit on your strategy. To be brutally honest, it’s just a bit creepy.