I love cooking. I can cook up a storm, but hate cleaning up. I leave that to my wife. She hates that obviously. Anyone can cook. But a top chef knows his ingredients well and knows how to use them in a dish to bring an ordinary meal up to a fantastic gourmet piece of art.

Here are two ingredients that will help step up your blog to the next level.


Without passion you will have a hard arduous road ahead. Not to mention that at some point your blog will flop. That’s because if you don’t love what you’re blogging about eventually you’ll come to a point where you completely lose interest. You’ll get tired of the same old thing and before long you have given up and quit.

When you have passion about something, you can think of infinite ways of writing about the same topic that will still be exciting and awesome to read. Everyone has passion for something. Don’t choose a niche to write about because you think that niche has profitability. With passion anyone can turn any niche into a profit.


No one wants to read a dead stale blog. We don’t want clones of other blogs. Who wants to read repeats? We get enough of repeats from TV. Lack on individuality and personality in a blog will surely suffocate it to death. Your blog has to reflect YOU. Who You are, what you are all about. What do you love? What do you hate. Make it real. Appeal to real people. Tug at their heart strings.

You need to show emotion in your blog, no matter what niche you are writing in. The only way to get loyal readers is to make a connection. People can’t connect with an object, but they can connect with people. They want to see who the real person behind the blog is.


So you have passion? Is your blog boring and does it lack personality? Time for a change don’t you think? Put some fire into your blogging, add some compassion and realism. You wont be sorry.

What is your passion? Why do you blog? What drives you? I’d be interested to find out. Please tell us about your passion in the comments below.