It’s a fact that UK businesses need good quality broadband to remain competitive and efficient in today’s digital and global marketplace.

But the fact is that in 2009, the UK’s small to medium sized business population still have big problems with broadband. Its availability, quality, speed, cost and suitability and this in turn affects their ability to do business.

In the US – our American cousins can purchase symmetrical (same upload and download speed) broadband for a thousand dollars a year or less – and this is capable of running the latest Web 2.0 Business applications – such as Software as a Service or Unified Communications, including Video and voice conferencing, making their business more efficient, responsive and cost effective.

In the UK, 99% of broadband have very small upload speeds – making them useless for uploading large files and voice and video calls. Also, businesses share their broadband pipe with as many as 50 other businesses – so in peak times it becomes too busy and slows down and does not offer guaranteed delivery of crucial data.

The UK SMEs support our economy and their businesses are adversely affected by the current inefficiencies of our Broadband Infrastructure – so how come the Government is not doing something about it?

So 10 years after its launch, the UK broadband infrastructure is still not completely fit for purpose because it was designed for simple 90’s style web surfing and light emailing. It wasn’t design for the latest business internet applications.

This is annoying as a consumer – but potentially disastrous as a business.