UK businesses are ahead of a Europe wide trend to hire in the cloud. With a 55% increase in UK businesses hiring online in the past year alone, here are the benefits of hiring and managing staff in the cloud.

We’ve heard time and time again that a cloud revolution is coming, while cloud service vendors extol the benefits available to companies who harness the benefits of the cloud – everything from cost savings, improved security and greater flexibility.

However, where the cloud is having the greatest impact is influencing employment models and business set up. Trends in recent years for better work-life balance and remote, flexible working have taken off at a time when devices such as smartphones, and ultra ultra-portable tablets are reaching ubiquity, making remote working and a virtual office a reality, while powerful cloud based technologies mean businesses of all sizes can take full advantage of these new possibilities.

So what are the benefits turning to a cloud based model to hire and manage talented staff on an hourly or project basis?

Faster turnaround time for important projects

One of the greatest benefits of hiring online is the flexibility it offers. How often does a project on a tight deadline land on your desk, putting everyone under pressure to move around other work to keep all your tasks on track?

Hiring a contractor online to complete work on an hourly or project basis ensures work is delivered on time – you only hire for jobs you need, and a contractor will only want to take on work they have capacity to complete on time so they can get paid.

There’s no overhead, middleman or management structure that could slow down the process. as the employer can communicate directly with the contractor to keep the project on track.

A company built by experts

If your company only hired experts your output would be extremely high quality – this is what hiring in the cloud enables you to do. Sourcing contractors through the human cloud allows a business to find the best talent irrespective of location and find experts who have real passion, and a proven track record and a niche talent.


Cloud workers are available around the clock, meaning a business can respond to changes in demand instantly. It eliminates the issues that can arise with hiring full time staff, as both the business and the contractor only commit to a single project or limited time period of work.

If a strong working relationship emerges as a result, all the better – the employer can continue working with the contractor on other projects. But if If not the project isn’t completed exactly as specified, there’s no commitment to keep the relationship going in the future on either side.

This gives businesses the opportunity to respond rapidly to market conditions, customer demand and seasonal peaks and troughs as well as the inevitable poorly timed projects that arise from time to time.

Quality assurance

Like so many things in life, you get what you pay for. By Hiring hiring an expert in the cloud, you are assured that you are selecting the best possible candidate from a wider pool of talent, and an independent freelance contractor will want to offer the best service possible.

Diverse perspective

One of the often overlooked benefits of hiring cloud workers is the diversity of ideas. Cultural perspectives, group think and other behaviours are well documented by management thought leaders and behavioural studies. One of the top reasons businesses hire external experts is to gain a fresh perspective on the organization and how to approach a particular issue or project.

Look at the popularity of crowdsourcing for generating new ideas – when you hire in the cloud it’s a hidden advantage

Bigger than the Beatles

Hiring in the cloud is not ‘the next big thing’ – the fact is that UK businesses are already at the forefront of a Europe wide trend to turn to the cloud to hire and manage staff. In fact, iIn the last year alone there has been a 55% increase in UK businesses hiring online and in the last quarter, the UK was third in the top countries worldwide hiring online in the last quarter.

UK businesses are at the forefront of the exciting new era of the human cloud and, as it continues to change the way we do business, will continue to reap the benefits of hiring and managing online.