Not only is today’s net filled to the brim with tons of different social networking sites, like Digg and Twitter and Facebook and so on, but you can also find many different sites out there that can give you statistics as to how successful your overall social media presence is.

Just as you can find many different sites to tell you what kind of traffic you’re receiving for your main website, you can get important information as to your social presence. This information is quite invaluable if you’re using social media to build your brand.

The main site people use for this purpose is Klout. So, it’s important that people understand exactly what the site is and what it does before they attempt to use it as any barometer for their overall social presence.

Defining Klout and What it Is

Operating as an online tool to measure your business’s social media influence, Klout uses a complicated algorithm to gauge your effectiveness. Things taken into account include categories like Amplification, True Reach, and your Network Impact.

For Amplification in particular, you’re looking at how engaged and how motivated your followers are on your social media sites. Obviously, this is the most important chunk of data in the criterion, and thus having a few engaged followers gives you more clout than having a lot of followers who aren’t engaged at all.

True Reach is a barometer of just how many people you influence, and your Network Impact is the influence of your overall network – the culmination of your various social media sites. Add everything up together and you receive a score and a rundown of all the data. How it benefits you, of course, is that you can notice what’s wrong and subsequently work to change what isn’t working.

With a possible score of 100, anything in the high 60s is quite fantastic for a business. Anything 80 and up means that you have a huge social media presence. But anything 50 and lower, well, you really don’t matter at all and you need to start changing some things around.


To change your Amplification score, you obviously need to work on engaging your visitors more. Giving them more encouraging material is a great option here. If your followers have a reason to follow you, like ongoing contests, cool interactive material, etc, then you can drive this score up.

True Reach

As you build up your Amplification, you can also work to build up your True Reach in relatively the same fashion. The goal here should be to attract more followers overall and to actually engage them using the Amplification techniques. This means you have to promote your presence to a wider audience, or you have to change your structure so that the niche you’re operating within appeals to a broader base.

Network Impact

With the Network Impact touchups, you will have to work on how your entire network handles itself. You might even want to lose a few of your social media sites, or you might actually want to open up a YouTube channel or a Digg page. The idea is to make your entire social network more impactful.

The idea isn’t really to get your Klout score to go up per se. The idea is to drive your social media presence up. By doing that, your Klout score is automatically going to rise. Klout is just a good barometer of where you’re at.