Remote tech support is a way for a technician to diagnose a problem, experiment with possible steps to solve the problem, and verify an implemented solution – all this via the Internet. The technician remains at his workstation. The malfunctioning computer stays where it is, too. Desktop sharing software feeds rapid-fire screenshots of the problem computer’s screen to the remote support trouble-shooter. It also captures their keystrokes and mouse clicks, sending them through the Internet to the distant machine.

Remote Tech Support Saving You Time and Costs

As you can imagine, this cuts the amount of time needed to solve a computer problem down tremendously. This can in turn reduce the cost of support. The whole process flows more smoothly using remote tech support compared to a remote support tech assistant giving computer repair instructions over the phone and blindly trying to infer what is happening on the problem machine based on descriptions from a possibly non-technical computer user.

Remote tech support can result in benefits of scale as well. Each independent solution of a problem is facilitated by giving the remote support technician more direct access to and feedback from the problem machine. The more an individual employee and computer user is assisted via remote tech support, the greater are the resulting benefits and profits for the company especially those with several hundred employees.

Almost all computer problems can be resolved and many other tasks can be completed using remote tech support. Virus removal, scanning for spyware, installation of drivers, installation of new business software and software upgrades are commonly handled remotely. Even processes which require a reboot are not a problem, as the remote technician can connect again as soon as the computer has resumed running. Failing hardware must be repaired in person, although diagnosis can sometimes be done remotely. Of course, Internet or network connection problems would prevent a remote support tech from connecting to the problem machine at all. Any such situation would need to first be resolved.