A leading provider of web services and on-demand data for interactive mapping applications, Oracle’s products will have direct access to Urban Mapping’s Mapfluence platform.

Integrated into Oracle Fusion Middleware’s MapViewer feature – Urban Mapping’s massive catalogue of on-demand data will be at user’s fingertips across many industries.

“Oracle customers have an insatiable appetite for high-value content within their applications,” said James Steiner, Oracle Vice President for Product Management.
“Our relationship with Urban Mapping allows the Mapfluence platform to overlay thematic data, creating instant location intelligence, a critical component in our content strategy.”

Offering more than 10,000 data variables over numerous categories, the Mapfluence on-demand data catalogue is the industry’s most comprehensive. Access to the data is under one license, and in a software-as-a-service model.

Mapfluence is of particular use to Oracle Spatial customers – the location features in Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Spatial 11g enable Oracle to manage all data from traditional business information to XML and 3D spatial information.

“As enterprise markets have shifted to become more nimble, Oracle Spatial customers have increasing need to analyze proprietary data with commercial-grade demographics, business analytics, transportation infrastructure, environmental and other data,” said Ian White, Urban Mapping CEO.

Oracle Spatial customers control their IT investment with rapid deployment thanks to the lightweight web services offered by Mapfluence.

As a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork – Urban Mapping is well worth its weight one might say.