If you are lucky enough to run a British firm that includes more than a few employees, you know how important it is to have strong chemistry among the people who work for you. In addition, you need to have workers who can overcome obstacles on a daily basis, often by using their individual skills in conjunction with the skills of others to come to a better solution. And this workforce often needs to learn on the fly and implement these new lessons quickly.

For all of these reasons, taking your employees on an outing to an escape room can be the ideal exercise for strengthening your business from the inside out. An escape room is an increasingly popular form of entertainment that essentially “locks” a group of people in a room and makes them perform some task before they can “escape.” This task can usually only be completed after a series of smaller puzzles or games are solved. This simulated situation can provide a great tool for you and your group of employees to learn about each other and how best to come together in a pressurised situation.

Visit Escape Rooms London to find a directory of local escape rooms and the details surrounding them, or maybe create your own. In any case, here are some of the reasons why this can be an ideal team-builder for you and a fun, unifying exercise for your employees.

It Takes A Team Effort

A firm can be blessed with a group of highly-skilled individual employees. But if those employees have tunnel vision and can’t work well with the others around them, all of that skill won’t get you very far in the market. An escape room serves as a method for determining if your employees can get along well and come together in the service of the larger group to get something done. And, if they haven’t united already as a team, this will help them to do so.

Performing Under Pressure

The business environment delivers challenges every single day, and employees need to respond to them positively and effectively for your firm to thrive. The escape room environment simulates the pressure of having to get something done under time constraints without any of the actual consequences. If nothing else, you can scout the activity and find out which of your employees rise to the occasion in a pressurised situation.

Learning & Adapting

It’s best if you can find an escape room that includes a set of challenges for your employees that might be removed from the skill set they have acquired through their work experience. This will test them on their ability to take information that may be new to them and process it in a hurry. How they utilise that information and make it work for them in the context of the puzzles and challenges of the escape room will indicate their ability to adapt in a hurry on the job.

So make your next team outing an escape room. You’ll enjoy the experience, and you might just find your business improving as a result.