posted an interesting story about how reaction via social media to last year’s Icelandic ash cloud actually saved KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from a potential PR disaster.

It’s an interesting read and KLM’s actions and success should be held up as an example of why social media is vital to any modern business.

It is regularly argued that the value of social media isn’t really quantifiable. In most cases the argument is against its value. In the case of KLM, it is a clear argument for the positive value and effect that using Twitter during those four days of ash clouds had on KLM’s business both then and moving forward.

Interestingly, the article reveals that “The airline estimates that customer service agents working within the social media department are 75 per cent more productive than those within call centres.” How’s about that for value?

So, social media does have a value to business and it is a positive one. You need to make sure your business is using it and using it well, but the traditional channels are still important too, don’t forget there are still many who refuse to go online, let alone embrace social media.