The results of a survey focusing on Microsoft SharePoint users in Europe showed that employee training is a key aspect of SharePoint use and that an increase in video capability within the platform is a top priority for business users. In fact, only a small percentage of survey respondents (10%) said they did not use SharePoint for training.

According to 88% of the survey’s respondents, the improvement of training resources is one of executives’ top goals for their SharePoint environment. They want to make the SharePoint experience more engaging and dynamic to improve corporate culture and 45% of the survey respondents feel that the introduction of easy video capability within SharePoint is necessary to make it happen.

Throughout the recession, businesses have had to learn how to harness technology to work more efficiently and cut costs. With remote working an established practice for many workers and teams spread across multiple locations, training has become more challenging yet has remained crucial given that people are the most valuable asset in any company; using video technology for employee training has the potential to save costs for businesses, whilst making staff development more efficient.

Today’s SharePoint managers cannot ignore the lure of video and the greater value it brings to an organisation by making it more dynamic and connected and by making live training sessions possible. If employers want to better support and ultimately retain their flexible workers, they will soon have no choice but to adopt social collaboration tools and ultimately embrace video applications for employees.

The survey also shows that more than 50% of the respondents use SharePoint for content and knowledge management. By giving employees the ability to generate, upload and share their own content and by bringing both live webcasting and video on-demand to users, video creates a more collaborative working environment, enhancing rather than compromising SharePoint performance.

In summary, if you bring video into the SharePoint experience, you enhance it with a scalable, controlled, secure and dynamic platform and you leverage the power of SharePoint to deliver corporate communications by means of a very contemporary medium.

Video corporate communications can contribute great value to training and knowledge sharing, new hire on-boarding and retention, team collaboration, executive announcements to employees and subject matter expert identification and extension. Unlocking knowledge with video means more value from and for your employees.

A SharePoint extension for video brings about a unified viewer experience, creates a company-customised SharePoint and enhances the corporate community by inspiring engagement, sparking collaboration and by making employee development more affordable and more easily available to all.

The days of group training sessions where rooms and refreshments need to be booked and tutors’ and often trainees’ travel expenses be paid for, might soon be over.