The success of the film Avatar in 2009 put the 3D viewing experience in the spotlight, hence the raft of 3D televisions currently lining the shelves in retail outlets.

But 3D technology is not exclusively for consumer entertainment. In business there are many areas where communicating in three dimensions can add value, so 3D displays are likely to become more common.

At Fujitsu Forum 2011, Fujitsu gave BCW and hands-on demonstration of its first 2-in-1 display designed for both 2D and 3D usage.

Designed to make the use of professional-quality 3D displays more practical and affordable by incorporating both capabilities into a single 23-inch desktop display, the P23T-6 FPR 3D let users swap between 2D and 3D applications at the flick of a switch, while battery-free polarising glasses facilitate the 3D experience.

Fujitsu is targeting graphics professionals who use demanding graphics applications such as CAD/CAE, simulation software and geo/satellite data processing systems. Other target markets include architectural, medical observation, advertising and point-of-sale consulting, where 3D applications are entering mainstream use.

The display could even be used in public areas such as museums, universities and showrooms, where the use of 3D can deliver an engaging and entertaining educational experience, or provide an impactful method of showcasing products.

FPR (Filmtype Patterned Retarder) technology shows left and right images through different pattern in a circular polariser. The left/right polarised glasses supplied with the P23T-6 FPR 3D allow only left/right images to be seen respectively. Both images are combined in the brain and generate the 3D effect.

The FPR technology uses the precise film which can distinguish the left and right images to show a different image for each eye. FPR 3D tech is able to deliver a brighter screen with less cross talk, less ghosting and no flickering. Furthermore, a large 3D cone viewing angle allows small groups to enjoy 3D depth effect while experiencing presentations, even in daylight settings.

Similar to other Fujitsu display lines, the P23T-6 FPR 3D comes with a 4-in-1 stand and low power consumption thanks to LED backlighting and features such as an automatic brightness sensor and Eco mode capability. The display also incorporates Fujitsu’s unique 0-Watt standby mode.

Further special features include the DICOM-compatible adjustable gamma, allowing use with greyscale-oriented graphics and clinical review applications, while a wide range of output interfaces maximise compatibility with PCs, workstations and mobile workstations.