Chris Anders, Senior IT Director at GTA (Gullivers Travel Associates), a world leader in the provision of ground travel products and services to the travel trade industry, discusses the challenges facing the company’s web infrastructure.

Its XML interface alone services more than 2,500 clients which, combined with their 40+ websites, results in more than 35 million hotel price and availability searches per day. Previously, the company had no visibility of who was hitting its web sites. It could not distinguish between customer enquiries and crawlers, and had no idea whether it was getting 100 hits per day, or 100,000.

Chris outlines the business issues the company faced with its web interface and the need for a solution. Using Triometric’s real-user testing and monitoring solutions, GTA is managing the 100 plus million hits and 20,000 plus bookings handled by the travel company’s 45 web sites every day. The solution has helped GTA to accelerate web booking times, optimise uptime, improve customer experience and proactively manage partners and suppliers.