MacLean’s bakery began by supplying a local Tesco store with freshly baked products on a daily basis. MacLean’s bakery would visit the store each day to find out what products had been sold, and then create a new order for the next day.

Whilst this was incredibly effective with one store, MacLean’s soon supplied six stores in the Scottish highlands and visiting each store on a daily basis became unrealistic. In order to supply each store with freshly baked products on a daily basis, MacLean’s bakery needed to find a solution which would allow each store to place an order each day telling MacLean’s bakery which products they required.

MacLean’s bakery turned to GXS and utilised their Intelligent Web Forms – part of the GXS Trading Grid service in order to streamline the ordering process. Nowadays, stores can log-on to the trading grid using their e-mail log-in credentials and send an order form to Maclean’s bakery each day to ensure that they are freshly stocked with the correct products at the correct time.

The business benefits of this implementation has helped drive MacLean’s business forward, helping them to better plan their production which has led to a more consistent product and an increased freshness of their products, something which is vital for any bakery.