With cloud computing now a reality, it seems like the sky is the limit for business IT services. Cloud-based applications and services have the ability to generate significant cost savings on software and hardware and that alone makes the option to switch from more traditional resource methods very tempting.

But with major players Amazon and Microsoft both crippled by outages in recent weeks, is the cloud really ready for take off?

In this video, Eddy Willems from G Data spoke to BCW about the risks for businesses storing their data in the cloud and what steps they can take when migrating to the cloud to ensure their data is safe.

Eddy also touches upon the understanding of cloud service contracts, whether businesses look beyond an SLA for comfort in the cloud service provided, and whether it’s important for UK business that their data is stored by their cloud provider within the UK or EU. The need for additional security measures required for smartphone and tablet users are also discussed, along with what’s next for the cloud in terms of security.