Keeping up with social media can be a time-consuming task for a business, especially if you have multiple accounts which require lots of different apps and processes. Businesses are also facing a lot of pressure when it comes to managing their social media content.

As a result we are starting to see the emergence of Social Content Platforms, allowing organisations to access all of their various social networks – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on from one place, providing a streamlined and efficient way of publishing and managing social content.

BCW sat down with Paul Samuel from Ixxus to discuss how businesses should take greater control over what is published via their social media channels.

Paul discusses the practicality of publishing content across social networking sites and also pulling in user comments and feedback – allowing businesses to monitor what people are saying about their brand and respond accordingly. Keeping on top of and analysing user feedback lets businesses prioritise and focus on their marketing strategy in the way that’s best for them.