Jimmy is a humanoid robot based on Intel Core i5 technology that walks, talks, makes hand gestures, uses social media channels and more. It is part of the 21st Century Robot Project that provides a forum for makers worldwide to collaborate and build affordable, personalised robots using open-source design files and available apps.

Combined with the growing maker culture, technologies such as Intel Galileo, Intel Edison, 3D printing and open-source app development are making it easier for individuals to create inventions such as Jimmy. It is feasible that within the next five years people may be able to build affordable custom robots based on Intel technology for less than $1,000.

Intel is committed to lowering the barriers to entry for all innovators – whether it’s a child, the hobbyist or a professional designer- who have great ideas but not deep experience with technology. Intel Labs is bringing Jimmy to life in collaboration with publisher MAKE, University of Southern California, Olin College for Engineering, maker space The Artisans Asylum and Trossen Robotics.

Jimmy helps encourage people to think differently about what a computational device could look like in the future and to spark the imagination of inventors of any age to reimagine the ways in which people can design, create, enjoy and use new digital technologies. Powered by Intel, these new computing models – like robotics – may become mainstream consumer electronic devices that could act as social companions, organisers, educators and more. Imagine a robot that acts as a caretaker to senior citizens to remind them to take their medicine or is used in the classroom to augment the teacher to provide more individualized attention to students.