Starting a new business will make any entrepreneur question their judgement. You may be trying to convince your marketing team that video marketing is the next step for your business and they may be leaning toward the more conventional methods.

It could be you who is having doubt about what path to take. The truth is, though, that video marketing is becoming more the norm for businesses and, if your business is not participating, it will soon pay the price as your competition is getting the majority of the business.

In a digital review in March of 2013, comScore, a digital analytics company, provided an update on the increasing number of videos being watched online. According to this review, online video viewing increased by 800 percent over the prior six years. What this means for businesses is everything when it comes to their marketing strategy. Video marketing is a method of getting your business known. Traditional methods are not going to get as good results as online videos.

Anyone with access to a computer is spending time watching videos online. These are your potential customers. YouTube has over one billion unique viewers every month. YouTube has also gained rank to become the second most popular website, ranked one behind Google. Out of these one billion viewers, you have to ask yourself how many of them could be watching videos about your business.

You also must take into consideration what your competition is doing. When starting a new business, you have to know more than just who your competitors are. You need to know what they are doing and learn how to do it better. Look at what type of video marketing your competition is doing and you will figure out that you really need to use video in your own marketing strategy.

As mentioned previously, YouTube has over 1 billion viewers each month. A high number of videos watched are videos produced by businesses just like your new one. The videos may be informational, entertaining, or a sales pitch. One thing is certain, however, and this is that your competitors are using videos because they work to establish a business as both a stable and reputable entity.

An aggressive push in video marketing right from the beginning will have several advantages. Prior to opening day, it is going to get your prospects waiting in anticipation. A few videos posted on YouTube and shared on Facebook could get your business known before you even make your first dollar. It could certainly set your business up for a great start.

As a new business start-up, it may be hard to find the time to put into a large video marketing campaign. A video production company is a wise investment. Along with steering your business in the right direction on what type of video will work best for you, they will be able to will help you to expand your market by embracing all of the newest technology in video marketing.

Start-up businesses are always at risk, but if you fail to incorporate video marketing into your strategy, you could increase your risk of failure. All you have to do to determine if it is right for your business is to look at your competition. Chances are that they have already locked themselves into the online video world and their profits are proof. Your business may not even get past its first year if you choose to ignore the facts.