Even if you’re careful with your mobile phone abroad and avoid making unnecessary calls, you can still be charged simply to receive a call or pick up a voicemail message. If you pick up voicemail while your phone is registered overseas, not only are you charged an overseas rate for the message being left, but you will be charged again to pick the message up.

MEPs want to renew limits on roaming charges for mobile phone calls and Internet, and cut them further by more than half. They are deeper cuts than the European Commission is calling for, requiring the Parliament and Commission to negotiate a compromise. Sounds good to us!

In the mean time, follow these simple tips and you can avoid the shock of a high phone bill on your return.

  1. ‘Know before you go’ – beware of the charges you could be liable for.
  2. Switch your phone off in the UK and leave it off until you need it.
  3. Tell family and friends to only send you texts.
  4. Ask your mobile phone company to switch off your voicemail service while you’re away.
  5. Ask your provider about a separate roaming package before you travel.
  6. Buy an international SIM card that lets you make cheaper calls abroad.