According to Gartner, Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) is set to become the primary method for the delivery and consumption of reporting and analytics, with tablet PCs and mobile-centric applications as the top two strategic technology considerations facing enterprise IT leaders in 2012.

“These top 10 technologies will be strategic for most organisations, and IT leaders should use this list in their strategic planning process by reviewing the technologies and how they fit into their expected needs,” said David Cearley, vice president and Gartner fellow.

“IT leaders need a managed diversity program to address multiple form factors, as well as employees bringing their own smartphones and tablet devices into the workplace. “IT needs to address a number of additional issues such as surfacing and managing APIs to access enterprise information and systems, integration with third-party applications,” said Gartner.

Gartner also noted that because “Users can choose between various form factors when it comes to mobile computing… No single platform, form factor or technology will dominate and companies should expect to manage a diverse environment with two to four intelligent clients through 2015.”

In this video, QlikView product advocate Donald Farmer advises us that Mobile BI is coming through the front door and it won’t bother knocking. He discusses how business users are driving this trend and what this unstoppable momentum means for businesses and IT departments.