RADVISION’s SCOPIA XT5000 is pitched as the most powerful video conferencing system in its class. Not only would the svelte device look great in any meeting room, but the SCOPIA XT5000 is actually the industry’s first and only system available to incorporate dual 1080p/60fps live video and content, HD audio, H.264 High Profile and RADVISION Scalable Video Coding (SVC), along with iPad Multi-Touch control.

The XT5000 uniquely combines the latest in bandwidth and network management technologies – H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency and SVC for a high quality image, even in unpredictable network environments claims RADVISION.

“With the introduction of the XT5000, RADVISION has reset the bar for high quality, fully-interoperable video conferencing,” said Andrew W. Davis, senior analyst and co-founder of Wainhouse Research. “The SCOPIA XT5000 is a video solution with leading-edge power and with support for multiple H.264 profiles, dual 1080p60 streams, and a modern user interface. It brings room system functionality to a whole new level.”

“The SCOPIA XT5000 is a top-of-the-line room system at an amazing price point,” said Roberto Giamagli, general manager of RADVISION’s video business unit. “It’s the only system available today to combine such powerful technologies — from 1080p/60fps HD quality to network efficiency to the overall design and user experience. We’re delighted to be the first to offer this unique feature set to the market.”

SCOPIA XT5000 highlights (from press release):

Powerful processing

The SCOPIA XT5000 harnesses unparalleled power for the most demanding conferencing applications. Two full 1080p/60fps video channels, H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC) – all combine to make the XT5000 one of the most powerful conferencing systems ever created.

Highest quality experience

The SCOPIA XT5000 sets the standard for an exceptional conferencing experience. Unique simultaneous HD 1080p/60fps for live video and content and CD-quality, 20kHz audio deliver an outstanding experience. H.264 High Profile provides ultimate bandwidth efficiency and H.264 SVC offers network error resiliency. The XT5000 delivers unequalled video performance in real-world network conditions.

Most intuitive user interface

The XT5000 interface is designed to deliver a simplified end-user experience. It leverages design principles of RADVISION’s award-winning iPad and iPhone applications and enables instant, intuitive and effective control. For an even better experience, the XT5000 is enabled for the SCOPIA Control Multi-Touch Apple iPad application.

Sleek and elegant design

The XT5000’s refinement goes beyond the user experience to elegant hardware design. The XT5000 is a natural fit for today’s businesses, not only for its ease of use, but also its modern design that complements any conference room.