There’s no denying recent interest in NFC technology for mobile phones, with various industry giants continually jumping in and out of the debate.

But what are retailers doing in preparation for this new breed of ‘wave and pay’ commerce, are they taking it seriously, is it a concern for them – and more importantly, are consumers even interested? Beyond NFC, what are the real driving forces behind mobile commerce, and how long will it be before mobile begins to seriously affect consumer shopping behaviour?

On the 12th April, as part of its launch into Europe, mobile application platform provider Kony invited BCW and a few other select IT journalists to a roundtable to discuss the results of its recently commissioned research into current mobile trends, consumer and business attitudes towards mobile commerce and the technology advances that are fuelling m-commerce today.

Held over lunch at Cinnamon Kitchen, the sister restaurant to the much celebrated Cinnamon Club, the discussion focussed on the main findings of the survey and why it seems that mobile investment among UK retailers is not always aligned with the tools and services that today’s consumers are demanding.

In this video you’ll hear:

  • How important are advances in NFC technology to retailers – and does their current level of preparedness match up to consumer expectations, or are they making a costly mistake?
  • Reasons for and against in-store mobile payments – what matters most to consumers, security or convenience?
  • The mobile devices and platforms that consumers are using most for shopping – and how many businesses are currently operating in these lucrative spaces
  • The importance of developing large-scale mobile strategies that cater to rapidly advancing technologies in the mobile market as well as the increasingly demanding consumer