This video highlights research conducted in 2010 by Micro Focus, to determine the top priorities of the UK’s CIOs in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty.

Research found that cost-cutting was the top priority for 43% of IT departments and that 63% believed application modernisation the best way of cutting IT costs.

Stuart McGill, CTO, Micro Focus comments on the findings: “Businesses have been forced to become more efficient across all departments. IT, as the backbone of most organisations, has inevitably born the brunt of this. But this has not been a bad thing.

“The recession has forced IT to look inwards, determining which applications are essential and which ones aren’t, which ones are efficient vs. those that are costly to run. It has also been an opportunity for businesses to make the upgrades necessary to facilitate future growth, positioning them well for the upturn.”

“Cost reduction is clearly the top IT priority for businesses over the next three years, followed by maintaining budgets, transforming IT, allocating a higher percentage of their budget to innovation, and investing in cloud computing.”