Visual KPI from Transpara is an advanced business intelligence software that allows real-time monitoring of operations data from any mobile device. It delivers alerts, trends, dashboards and analytics from multiple data sources and can be deployed in hours.

Smartphones have become a universal information tool, with email, stock market values, currency exchange rates, news updates, weather, sat nav, and social media all being readily accessible. SolutionsPT, in combination with Transpara, can now bring manufacturing KPIs into the same easy accessibility range with Visual KPI; mobile dashboard software that gives access to KPI’s, scorecards, trends, alerts and more.

Visual KPI is ideal for operations-driven businesses like energy utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, data centres, e-commerce, retail, and more. It provides real-time critical situation alerts on Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and other devices, allowing users to react quickly to optimise their business, save assets, or take advantage of new opportunities.

The launch of Visual KPI coincides with the burgeoning popularity of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon, which was recently documented in a report from Forrester Research.

Because the technology is operable across so many mobile platforms, it allows users to access it from almost any smartphone or tablet. This eliminates the need to learn two devices, reduces capital expenditure for the employer and means that access to information on the move isn’t limited to senior staff with corporate Blackberries. It’s available to anyone who needs it, providing they own a smartphone.

Aimed at executives who want to use their own device, Visual KPI is also suitable for mobile workers and operations personnel working in geographically spread operation environments and remote sites, as well as IT managers who need visibility. It provides native access to historians like OSIsoft’s PI System and Wonderware Historian.

The benefits include access to real-time operations data from multiple sources without creating a new master source, and the ability to rapid prototype KPIs, scorecards, trends and alerts using the Microsoft Excel-based designer.

The user can access fast moving data, even information subject to multiple changes per second from multiple locations. This helps to reduce the time from alarm to decision, reduce risks and costs, and improve decision making. It also saves wasted trips and phone calls, reduces diagnostic errors and works on any web-enabled device including iPhone and iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Mac and more.