Despite all the media hype, virtualisation is actually not a new technology, and dates all the way back to the 1960s. Although it’s not a new technology, it has recently come to the forefront again and offers organizations many benefits to the enterprise IT environment.

As with any system, or application configuration, control is vital to security, and its professionals should remember that this security principal applies to the on-line and off-line images alike.

IT professionals should take care to ensure that new builds are tracked, and that, again, as with conventional systems and applications, virtualised environments need to be patched up and fixed.

They also suffer from vulnerabilities. Despite the potential security headaches associated with virtual networks, VLANs have become a great security enabler for the enterprise and that VM environments are ideal platforms for IT testing.

VM systems are also ideal tools for the mobile security tester because they support the running of multiple operating systems, multiple applications and multiple tools. And if you break it, you just recopy the image.

The cloud, however, changes a number of things. The advent of cloud computing has seen, and will continue to see, the use of virtualisation advance. The question is are VM applications getting too expensive?