Apache Subversion-based software and services company WANdisco has this week snuggled up a little closer to information services provider Experian as the company now becomes a WANdisco Subversion support customer.

?WANdisco itself is a provider of software products including, Subversion MultiSite, Subversion Access Control and Subversion Clustering, all of which are described as adding enterprise features to Apache Subversion.

Since moving to WANdisco, Experian has been able to take advantage of live access to WANdisco’s Subversion support professionals during normal business hours in North America, Europe and Asia. This wasn’t possible with their previous vendor’s support team, which was largely based in India.

As a heavy user of open source applications, Experian has also used WANdisco’s support with applications such as Trac, the widely used open source defect tracker that integrates natively with Subversion.

David Richards, CEO and president of WANdisco has gone on the record to say that, “We are extremely pleased to have been able to provide Experian with genuinely reliable support for their wide-ranging and often complex Subversion requirements. While some other vendors struggle to deliver the serious professional Subversion support organisations demand, WANdisco has highly experienced, helpful staff based in the US and the UK to cover a multitude of time zones effectively and efficiently.”