Sometimes we all need to go on a journey to realise our full potential, and indeed to take away the best that life can offer. In business, the same applies.

We often start out with a modest view of what we can achieve and over time we add to those achievements such that we reap amazing rewards in terms of business efficiency, employee satisfaction and bottom line growth.

The journey towards Total Transaction Management emphasises that point. What started out as a means of employees managing their business expenses online, now covers the vast array of activity that employees do on behalf of their companies – from online travel bookings, through to managing spend on mobile phones, making cash claims, handling corporate card spend, placing purchase orders on suppliers, applying for phones and cards online and even paying suppliers on time.

What Total Transaction Management now means is the ability for a company to use one platform for all the business activity managed by their employees. All with a simple user interface accessed over the net from anywhere in the world. Lower costs of doing business, including lower training costs as intuitive technologies remove the need for complex training processes.

Of course true Total Transaction Management also means the company is driving a vastly superior working capital outcome for the business – and that alone is worth the journey.