Ever wondered why sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendfeed, and any such site are so popular. Because they meet a very basic and intrinsic need of humanity. Sociability. You see, we are social beings.

No man is an island

When Adam was in the garden of Eden he looked around and found all the other creatures had a mate. He enquired of God, so God saw his sadness and made for him a help meet. A person to draw alongside and be his companion.

Man has never been happy being alone. The age old saying “man is not an island” is so true. We need each other, we need companionship. To have friends and loved ones near by is normal human behaviour – hence humans love to live in groups, villages amidst all best friends and loved ones.

Your blog should address this basic need. Build up a community around you. Without positive social contact we become withdrawn and removed from our community. It is important to be involved with activities that take you outside of yourself and expose you to other ideas and people. Make sure your blog does exactly that. Address the social need of mankind to belong.


Ever since Adam and Eve, the family unit has been the basis of mankind. It is the base to which all other social contact is modelled after. Mankind need to be loved, and mankind needs to love. Immediate family as well as extended family is mankind’s most basic drive. Without it, we die.

Your blog should address the family need that man has. Your readers need to know that they are loved and cared for. That you have their best interest at heart. When you create a community around your blog, you create a family.


They say that mans best friend is his dog. But that’s a lie. Mans best friend is man/woman. My wife is my best friend. You are my best friend. Friends help and encourage. Friends look out for each other. Friends protect, they build up and never break down. They have patience and understanding.

Your blog and community should strive to meet these needs. It should build up instead of breaking down. It should teach and encourage. Make sure your blog is a friendly place. A place where everybody knows your name, (Sorry Cheers, had to use that line). A friendly social blog, will go places in this world.


We continue socializing in our lives to this very day. When we meet new people we are socializing. When we have guests join us for a meal we are socializing. When we use social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogs we are socializing. Our blogs should show love and kindness. It should encourage and build up. Our blogs should teach and train. Our blog should be social. Want your blog to climb to the top? Then meet mans most basic need. That is to be social.