Like fashion, web design follows a trend. What is popular at the time. Ever since the dawn of the internet we can see trends of best practice being enforced via popular demand.

Today it’s not less popular. So what are the trends that most web designers are following this year?

It should not be a surprise to you that the KISS (Keep It Slick and Simple) process comes through with a resounding shout.


A simple and clean design seems to dominate a lot of the web design industry. Read it in web design magazines, on blogs, even as one browses through the internet one finds most web pages following this rule.

Simple, clean and uncluttered. Away with fancy flash and graphics. Away with too many colours. Use two or three at most. Possibly using one primary colour with different shades and tones of that to make up the detail.

A simple clean design, uncluttered website can be more effective and more eye catching than a lot of the trash that is out there.

Less Flashy

Flash was once the in thing. Possible because it wowed so many people. But over recent years it has been over used and abused.

Flash is a great technology. It will add a certain dynamic to your site if used correctly.

Even so there are still problems with flash when it comes to websites. Mainly SEO, Search and the like.

Also with the new HTML5, CSS3, technology like Microsoft’s Silver light and JavaScript libraries like jQuery, there is no need for flash. One can do anything with these tools and they are for the most part extremely SEO friendly.

Mobile ready

With the influx of smart devices such as smart phones, tab devices and palm top devices, targeting those devices is a must. The trend nowadays is to have your website mobile ready.

That means that it should be viewable on any device without any loss of functionality or presentation.

Mobile computing is going to be the way of the future, so get your website ready for it now. You won’t be sorry.


These are by no stretch of the imagination the only trends. But they are ones that I find are more prominent.

What are your thoughts on web design trends. Lets read your take on design trends. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.