It’s been interesting in the last few days seeing that there have been several instances when Twitter has had issues.  They have been various in nature, but have added up to inconsistencies in being able to use Twitter.  Now, if Twitter is the only strand to your marketing, or even to your social media campaign, then all of a sudden you have a very large (whale shaped?) hole in the way you can connect with your audience.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Keep up to date with what is happening on Twitter by their status update page – you can even sign up to get updates direct to your inbox
  • Have a look at this popular trending hashtag of today #whentwitterwasdown for some light relief now it is back

So apart from keeping up with the problems Twitter has, what else can you do?  Well, you can start building alternative places to connect and communicate.  After all – you managed all this perfectly before Twitter, right?  So go back to basics…

  • Investigate building a Facebook page for your business.  It’s now more searched in the US than Google!
  • Get back to blogging, or start a blog.  If it sits on your own web presence, you are building yourself an asset that people will want to come back to
  • Update your LinkedIn profile, or join a few groups to see how you can add some value (hint – it’s not all about you!)

And you can go even more back to basics

  • Update your marketing plan
  • Go to a lunch or breakfast meeting
  • Send an email
  • Pick up the phone

So – even if one source is down,  if you have a rounded, strategic approach then you’ll be able to move on past it whilst others around you get frustrated.