Social MediaWhat Does ASB Mean On Snapchat?

What Does ASB Mean On Snapchat?

UK Snapchat users may not be familiar with the term “ASB” and may ask, “What does ASB mean on Snapchat?”. Due to the frequent use of acronyms on Snapchat, some users may find it challenging to understand the conversation. It is common for acronyms to be misunderstood by Snapchat users, which causes them to lose their true meaning. One such term on Snapchat that can be confusing is “ASB”. So, what does ASB mean?

Several meanings are possible for ASB, depending on the situation. However, in most cases, ASB stands for “As Silence Breaks”. This term often refers to resuming a conversation after a long absence or awkward interactions. Besides “As Silence Breaks”, ASB can also refer to other things. “Attention Seeking Behaviour” is another common meaning of ASB that you might come across on Snapchat.

This article will offer a detailed explanation in answer to the question, “What does ASB mean on Snapchat?”.

What Does ASB Mean on Snapchat?

In different situations, ASB may have different meanings. There are, however, many cases in which ASB refers to “As Silence Breaks”. Usually, it helps to describe the resumption of a conversation following a long break or uncomfortable silence. 

In addition to “As Silence Breaks”, ASB mean a few other things. “Attention Seeking Behaviour” is another possible meaning of ASB on Snapchat. 

For instance, flexing one’s wealth or performing something fake falls under the “Attention Seeking Behaviour” category. In this context, the translation makes sense. 

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ASB can also refer to “Antisocial Behaviour” in cases of discrimination against something. Ultimately, ASB can mean several things, but it is most commonly used on Snapchat to indicate “As Silence Breaks”.


You have probably glanced at your teens’ text messages or watched them chat on Snapchat. But perhaps you haven’t understood what they were saying. 

An acronym or abbreviation on Snapchat may seem like another language entirely. Nonetheless, it’s essential to know what some of the acronyms mean. 

It won’t be helpful to monitor your teenager’s internet activities without understanding what they are talking about. Unhealthy conversations can occur right before your eyes if you do not know the meaning of acronyms. 

Keeping an eye on your teen’s Snapchat and smartphone activity is important without spying on them. You should be familiar with the slang and acronyms used on Snapchat to comprehend what your teenagers are communicating. 

One such term that most people are unaware of is “ASB”. However, after reading this article, we will have answered your question, “What does ASB mean on Snapchat?”.

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