The benefits of Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) are well known within the business industry to be an effective tool at retaining current customers and achieving new ones. But for many, these systems have often been related to large corporate companies who can afford to invest in such software, giving CRM a reputation as a business luxury many smaller companies cannot often stretch to.

However with the implementation of cloud-based CRM now being rolled out by brand leaders such as Sage, the era of CRM is set to take the business world by storm. A recent study by Gartner declared that cloud based systems will be at the forefront of IT spending in 2016. So what does cloud-based CRM mean for your business?

Value For Money

Usually associated with a heavy cost price, CRM software has long been seen as a big investment, but with the introduction of the cloud, pay-as-you-go packages are now available for small businesses making it a more affordable tool. Opening up this software for all businesses has meant that everyone has the same opportunity to grow and develop their company without feeling restricted by their marketing budget.

Time Efficient

Back in the good old days of floppy discs and CD’s the installation of CRM software would take hours to add to a PC, and doing this for more than one computer in an office would take days, meaning working hours would be significantly affected. And as we all know in business, time is money. But now that CRM is all online it’s a simple process of just logging in and you’re ready to go, with no need for any hardware. The hours of waiting around to get started has now been cut down completely, ensuring that your business can continue to run smoothly throughout its implementation with minimal disruption.

Increased Productivity

As well as reducing costs and having a quicker starting process, cloud CRM can lead to field based employees being more productive as they can access the cloud remotely. With both the software and data within the cloud, anyone can work anywhere at any time, as many of the systems can sync with Android and iPhones. Your mobile workforce will now be able to instantly communicate, share files, receive notifications and manage tasks, meaning management of all projects is far more scalable. Business growth can now feel more attainable, as it won’t be stunted by lack of progress.

Improved Customisation

Whereas traditional CRM systems only came with a standard package, the new cloud system can offer a completely flexible software that can be edited to your specific needs. The variety now available means that they are now designed to cope with growth and can be easily upgraded as the business evolves.

Cloud CRM has revolutionised business IT, and embracing this change is going to increase ROI for many businesses that have been stuck in a rut with their customer care. Planning efficient marketing strategies will help you to generate more leads and focus on better serving current customers.