Social MediaWhat Does ESB Mean On Snapchat?

What Does ESB Mean On Snapchat?

Are you confused about the latest Snapchat abbreviations and wondering: What does ESB mean on Snapchat? We’ve got your back. Snapchat is slowly becoming one of the UK’s most used social media applications. And understanding how to communicate on the platform is vital to your enjoyment.

Before figuring out what ESB means on Snapchat, its essential that you familiarise yourself with the concept of Snaps. This acronym stands for “Everyone Snap Back” and is used when your friends want you to send them a snap. While you can use this just for fun, it is usually used to maintain your snap streaks. 

This article will explore the meaning of the “ESB” acronym in more detail. We will also explore snap streaks and why this acronym is most commonly used to maintain them.

What Does ESB Mean On Snapchat?

ESB is another popular acronym used on Snapchat by its users. This abbreviation means “Everyone Snap Back”. This term is used when a Snapchat user wants you to send them a picture or a snap. While users might post the “ESB” abbreviation in various situations, it usually indicates that they want to maintain their snap streaks. 

Sending the ESB acronym is easy and reminds people to send their snaps of the day. You will usually find this abbreviation in group conversations rather than in a personal one-on-one chat. And this team has become quite popular on this social media application. 

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What Are Snapchat Streaks?

Since ESB is used to maintain Snap streaks, it is also vital to explore the meaning of this term. It will help you better understand the answer to the question, “What does ESB mean on Snapchat?”. Snapchat Streaks measure your activity on the application. When you send and receive a snap from a user for three consecutive days, you start a streak with that person. 

This streak is identified by a number that keeps growing daily. To maintain your streak, you have to exchange snaps, without fail, once every 24 hours. An active snap streak is identified by a fire emoji placed next to the user’s name. 

If you or the other user fails to send a snap at least once daily, your snap streak will break. Sending and receiving photo or video snaps would only contribute to your streak. Even though you are actively chatting on the application, your streak would break unless you send a snap. 

This is why ESB or “Everyone Snap Back” has become a popular term on Snapchat. It reminds everyone in the group to send their snap of the day. 


Snapchat and slang go hand in hand. From SMO to ESB, people use different slang to liven up their conversations. They are also creatively using slang to remind people to send their snaps. Therefore, if you’d like to remind someone, you can just use the “ESB” acronym. You can also share the answer to “What does ESB mean on Snapchat?” so that everyone is aware of what it means.

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