What is web design? Is it just throwing a bunch of HTML tags together? Putting some pictures and media up on a web page. Is it about writing a few lines of content? The problem is nowadays, any idiot can throw a website together. Many clients do not completely understand the process of website design, nor do they understand what makes a great website.

Simplicity vs Complexity

So many people think that the more complex a web design is the more professional it might look. They think that the more they throw at it the more people will come. But it is not at all like that. More complex website design will deter the common visitors from understanding the contents of the sites more easily. Simple designs and informative content allows a user to navigate through the whole page with more ease and interest. Sometimes less is more. Remember KISS.


Sometimes, you will come across certain sites whose designing and theme are a completely mismatch to each other. Going for loud designs is not a way to attract the attention of your readers. Using the wrong colours. Mismatching colours. Creating the wrong mood. All these will not attract visitors but instead will drive them away.


Your design must be in accordance with your branding. It must be a marriage. They must complement each other. Your website and website design are there to showcase who you are, and what you do. Your readers should be able to tell that within the first few seconds of visiting your site. The choice of colours, layout, pictures all add to the theme. The theme then talks to your brand and niche, which talks to who you are and what you do.


SEO can be a scary thing. With correct and functional SEO in place your website becomes an important beacon for the search engines. Your site will stand out and attract readers, visitors and customers. So many people disregard the effective use of SEO. The basics of SEO are not that complex. They are natural and logical processes and anyone, once they understand the basics can implement it. SEO has to be part of the design process and not an afterthought.

Quality Content

Face it, why would people come to your site? Why would they return? It would not be because of your great colour scheme, nor because of your interesting logo and branding. But because they find value in your content. What has content got to do with web design you ask?

Well content often dictates your niche, your theme and your layout. It will dictate your site structure and navigation. The type of content and quality of content that you plan for will determine the type of visitors you get and to some extent your traffic as well. Not only should the content be of good quality, but it should also be credible and original. Remember Content is still King.


In today’s world of the internet, web sites are not just about information. They are not just a place where people stop to read a good story, or read some needed tutorial. Its about being social, about interactivity. Your website should allow your readers to interact with it. Leave comments, ask questions, make suggestions and perhaps even contribute to it’s success. Perhaps take part in competitions, polls, or even some simple online games.

Blogs are an effective way of communicating to your readers as well as getting them involved and interactive with your site. An interactive web page is such a web page that allows it’s visitors to communicate with it. Visitors are allowed to make actions related to web page’s content.


Aspects of a great website is not just these few points I mention here. But a whole lot more. These are just a few important ideas to get you started. To get you thinking. The question you need to ask yourself now, Does my web site design meet these points. If not, where can I improve? My question to you is the same. Has your website met these points. If you are brave and honest enough why not tell us where you think you have passed or failed.